Announcing the road to Free Ex 2017: Your grad conference needs YOU

Hello again, all friends of Free Ex!

As summer dwindles and groans under the weight of the approaching fall, we solemnly gather to recognize that the way to Free Ex 2017 now lies open.

We bid the fondest of farewells to outgoing co-chair Mallory Smith, and wish the warmest of welcomes to incoming co-chair Will Best, who will be working with continuing co-chair Tom Sewel to organize and deliver this year’s Free Exchange Graduate Conference.

We are of course still in the very early stages of planning this year’s conference, but we have a couple of events coming up soon which you should know about!

This Thursday at 2pm, (tomorrow, as of this writing) Sept 29, in the Judith Sloman Reading Room on the 11th floor, we will be having our first Free Ex meeting of the year – the traditional brainstorming meeting where we throw around ideas for this year’s conference theme and title. These meetings tend to be more successful the more people who attend, as the flowing of the creative juices quickly kicks off a chain reaction!

Plus, for the first time in five years, this year’s brainstorming meeting will have to come up with the goods in the absence of legendary former Free Ex chair Jess Nicol, who has other obligations to attend to. This means that now, more than ever before (in the last five years) we need YOU. We need your input, your ideas and your critique, to make this year’s Free Ex the best it can be. This Thursday we need to have a theme and title settled before 3.30pm, so there is some urgency to this meeting.

Next Thursday, October 6, at the same time and in the same place, we plan to have our CFP meeting, where we will assemble the committee responsible for drafting our Call For Papers and have them do the work of generating this crucial element of the conference. Stay tuned for more details about that meeting as they come in!

We are thrilled to be back, and look forward to seeing all of you get involved in putting on a spectacular Free Ex 2017!

In the meantime, follow us online!
twitter: @UofCFreeEx
or email us on:


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