Free Ex 2018 Schedule


Unless otherwise specified, events will be held in Science Theatres, Room 131 (ST 131)

Friday, March 9th

3:30-7:00pm      Keynote Address & Opening Reception

(Escalus Room)

Opening Prayer

  • Elder Anita Eagle Bear

Opening Keynote Address

  • Jordan Abel

7:30-9:00pm      Creative Night @ TIA House

(TIA, SS1059)

Various new and in-progress works by:

  • St Marie φ Walker
  • Dania Idriss
  • Jordan Bolay
  • Paul Meunier

Saturday, March 10th

8:30-9:00am      Coffee & Pastries

9:00-10:30am    Panel 1: Re/Collecting Neo-Liberal Power

Panel Chair: Evan Gromel

How Game Reviews of the NES Classic Edition (re)Produce Nintendo’s Commodification of “Classic” Collective Memory: A Critical Discourse Analysis

  • Monica Henderson

Foucault, Deleuze, Fisher, and Affective Discipline

  • Tom Sewel

Collecting the Agent – Almost: The Collector that is the Collection

  • Stephen Bauhart

11:00-12:30pm  Panel 2: Re/Collectors

Panel Chair: Shuyin Yu

Pardon Me While I Collect Myself: Exploring Subjectivity Through a Personal Collection

  • Zachary Brewer

Collectors and Craftspeople: Woodworkers at the Ideological Vanguard

  • Jon Rozhon

Precious, My Precious: Collecting as Defiance

  • thom vernon

12:30-2:00pm    Lunch break (provided in the Sloman Room, SS1114)

2:00-3:30pm      Panel 3: Re/Collecting the Media

Panel Chair: Ben Blyth

Collecting Student Subjectivities and Imag(e)ning Studenthood: A Unique Application of Photovoice

  • Lindsay Simpson

Margaret Christakos’s Multitudes: Linguistic Multiplicity, Elasticity, and Codeswitching

  • Shuyin Yu

“The Same Again, Yet Different”: Reboots, Remakes, and Multiplicities in Film

  • Laurel Sherriff

4:00-5:00pm      Panel 4: Re/Collecting an Archive

(Special Collections, TFDL 5th floor)

  • Jess Nicol
  • Annie Murray
  • Sefania Forlini
  • Michelle Huemann

7:30-9:00pm      Flywheel Creative Night @ Pages in Kensington

(1135 Kensington Rd.)

Various new and in-progress works by:

  • Neil Surkan
  • Allie McFarland
  • Flywheel presenters (TBD)

Sunday, March 11th – Remember Daylight Savings!

9:30-10:00am    Coffee & Pastries

10:00-11:30pm  Panel 5: Collecting Re/Membrances

Panel Chair: Paul Meunier

Assembly, Collecting, Domain: Textual Editing and the South English Legendary

  • Tristan Taylor

Vimy to Vimy: Contrasting Remembrance in Pierre Berton’s Vimy and Tim Cook’s Vimy: The Battle and the Legend

  • Hong Nguyen-Sears

On Disputable Ending of Lives of Girls and Women: Reading Collections of Alice Munro’s Archives

  • Min Lei

12:00-1:30pm    Panel 6: Re/Membering Collections

Panel Chair: Mikka Jacobsen

On Archiving Rubble

  • Leen Katrib

Indigiqueer mâwacinikân: from Vulnerable Centre to Cyber Sovereignty

  • Josh Whitehead

In-between Identity in Madeleine Thien’s Do Not Say We Have Nothing

  • Xiaolei Hou

1:30-2:30pm       Lunch break (provided in the Sloman Room, SS1114)

2:30-4:00pm      Closing Keynote & Final Remarks


Closing Keynote Address

  • Jessie Loyer

Final Remarks

  • Will Best

Closing Prayer

  • Elder Anita Eagle Bear